Brooklyn Vulture Painting Exhibition

Exposition de peintures de vautours à Brooklyn

Following the success of our exhibition of paintings on vultures in our Cotignac workshop, and the interest of our visitors in this little-known bird, Colleen Moritz will exhibit on this same theme in Brooklyn, NYC (December 15, 2023)

A recent publication in the New York Times on the importance of the conservation of the vulture in the world, allows him to support, through his passion and his talent, his admiration for this animal by exhibiting his works.

If you like art, head to the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn This district is a former industrial port and it attracts more and more young artists. It’s an ideal place for gallery, contemporary art and photography enthusiasts.

Do not hesitate to visit her if you are passing through New York, she will convince you of the beauty of this unloved place.

If you don’t have the chance to see the exhibition of vulture paintings in Brooklyn, you can also find a virtual gallery of his works on our Paco Como website.

Brooklyn Vulture Painting Exhibition

Barjols painter’s studio

Atelier de Barjol

New painter’s studio in Barjols de Colleen.

Located in the old tanneries of Barjols, Colleen is setting up her new workshop at the start of the year.

A vast space specially designed for the work of a painter. Hindsight allows above all to have an eye on his past works in order to find inspiration for future works. The space accentuates the impulsiveness of the gesture to rediscover the dynamism of paintings of vultures, Colleen’s favorite subject.


The intense light of Provence makes it possible to obtain the brilliance of the color essential in the realization of the icons of Bonobos, a demanding and meticulous work which contrasts with the oil paintings of vultures. In this new painter’s studio in Barjols, Colleen can move from one creation to another, leaving her mind free to be creative.

The wall of icons

We look forward to seeing his work exhibited in the Cotignac gallery, and why not in a local exhibition specific to his very particular iconographic work.


Inspiration du feu

Inspiration from fire

Striking news of the forest fires that are ravaging the planet.

California, Australia, Siberia, Congo, and in the Var, close to home… no one is spared, so Colleen is inspired by current events for her work…

You will soon be able to come and discover the result of his work at the workshop.

Do not hesitate to see her work on our website.

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Ink making training by Colleen.

Formation à la fabrication d'encres

Incredibly talented artist, Colleen, has been sharing her knowledge of ancient ink making methods… Iron Gall Ink.

Nature is so amazing! Gall wasps lay a single egg on a leaf bud. The larvae secretion changes the chemistry where a protective gall nut is formed around the larvae instead of a leaf. When it’s ready, the wasp will burrow it’s way out of the nut, leaving a little hole (swipe to see an example).

We’re surrounded by lots of oaks and collect little galls (with holes in them) that we’ve found on the forest path.
These galls contain a lot of tannin, and have been used to make ink since the Roman Empire, and from the middle ages until the twentieth century.

Ink making training
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