Atelier de Barjol

New painter’s studio in Barjols de Colleen.

Located in the old tanneries of Barjols, Colleen is setting up her new workshop at the start of the year.

A vast space specially designed for the work of a painter. Hindsight allows above all to have an eye on his past works in order to find inspiration for future works. The space accentuates the impulsiveness of the gesture to rediscover the dynamism of paintings of vultures, Colleen’s favorite subject.


The intense light of Provence makes it possible to obtain the brilliance of the color essential in the realization of the icons of Bonobos, a demanding and meticulous work which contrasts with the oil paintings of vultures. In this new painter’s studio in Barjols, Colleen can move from one creation to another, leaving her mind free to be creative.

The wall of icons

We look forward to seeing his work exhibited in the Cotignac gallery, and why not in a local exhibition specific to his very particular iconographic work.

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